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My name is Dennis Frazer and I’m the owner here at Superstition Commercial Contracting. When it comes to hiring a Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company there are many things to consider besides the cost. Here are some great tips and ideas to consider when it comes to hiring a great General Contractor for your commercial renovation.

Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company For Your Commercial Renovations

The Type Of Space You’re In

Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company can help renovate your commercial space

When it comes to building out your space, one of the first things you’ll notice is the space could be in the second generation or it could be in shell condition. When it’s in the second generation, basically the office has been built out before. You normally see some cost savings or reduction in cost if you’re able to find a space that’s in the second generation and you’re able to adapt and tweak it to fit the way best for your company.

The shell space is basically a blank canvas, I mean, it has not been previously built out before, there is no existing infrastructure. You’re going to hire a Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company to build every wall, and install the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and finishes to support your office layout. The shell costs are always going to be on the higher end of your budget. If you’re targeting a space that hasn’t been built out before versus second-generation space where there could be some aspects of the space that can be re-utilized and re-used.

Your Overall Budget

The second thing that you’re going to be focused on is your overall project budget when building out your space. Don’t just think about the size of your buildout. It’s just how they say: the more you build-out, the more you’re going to spend. When building out a larger space versus a smaller space, typically the economy scale will work in your favor. The square foot dollar amount is typically a little bit lower or lower than a smaller space.

Quality of Materials

The third thing that’s going to affect your office build-out cost is going to be the quality of finishes or the quality of construction. A good example is the type of carpet you select. There are multiple manufacturers who make carpet, and there’s also a different type of product that they provide, broadloom carpet versus carpet tile. When you hire a Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company almost everything that you’re going to be putting in your space is going to have those various price points. You’ll want to know the high, medium, low, price ranges depending on how you want your office to look. And unfortunately, you might find that you’re not going to be able to afford the high-quality range. There might opportunities to save here and there, but be careful with how it could compromise your intended look.

The Desired Layout Of Your Space

The fourth thing to consider when hiring a Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company for your project is going to be the layout.

Superstition Contracting, a Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company can help design and build the optimal office layoutSome questions to consider:

  • How dense of a space do you need it to be?
  • How many hard wall offices do you need to construct?
  • Is your company one of those that everybody needs to be in an office, or can they be in an open area?
  • Are you one of those tenants that needs multiple conference rooms, or do you just need breakout areas within the space?

This will help your contractor give you a more accurate quote. You’ll find that building walls can be expensive, and you might consider alternatives when possible.

Project Schedule

The fifth thing, when it comes to what will affect your overall project build is going to be the project schedule. The schedule is one of the most important things that this Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company always focuses on. In the end, you are going to save money if you have the appropriate amount of time to design the project, bid the project, get permits in hand, and then end up building it.

If you’re rushed at all and need to fast track the project, typically you’re going to be spending more money. Giving the design team and the project manager enough time to take your project from inception to completion will result in a smoother project and will save you money in the end.

Superstition Contracting: A Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company

Superstition Contracting: A Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company

At Superstition Contracting, we want you to be happy with your overall project. So before you hire any Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company be sure to talk with them the condition of the space, the overall size of your project, the quality of the finishes, your layout, specific amenities, as well as your project schedule. If you’re ready to start your next commercial project, contact Superstition Contracting for an estimate.

Dennis Frazer, here from Superstition Commercial – a Scottsdale Commercial Construction Company. We hope you enjoyed the article.

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