Scottsdale Commercial Renovation

Scottsdale Commercial Renovation

Are you looking to have a Scottsdale Commercial Renovation project in the near future and need a reliable and reputable renovation company?  Superstition Contracting is here to help. With over 40 years of experience as a general contractor, we have the skill set to bring your project to life. There is no Scottsdale Commercial Renovation project that is too big or too small, we have completed projects with up to billion-dollar budgets. We have the experience to manage your project properly and finish on time and on budget.

The Commercial Renovations in the Scottsdale area and all over the valley is booming. Superstition Contracting is the leader in commercial construction in the Phoenix Valley and we want to help make your business look amazing.

How Do You Know What To Look For In a Contractor?

Here are a few tips to use to make sure that the company you choose to do your Scottsdale Commercial Renovation is a dependable company and the right choice for you. You must make sure that you do your research ahead of time. You also want to get multiple quotes.

  • First, make sure that they are a licensed contractor. This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many times people hire an unlicensed group because they simply overlooked asking. A licensed contractor is mandated to have met all state requirements, which is necessary. is a good place to search if a company is licensed.
  • Make sure that they are insured. This will keep you from being liable should any unfortunate accident that may happen to anyone during the construction process.
  • Get references. Make sure that they are willing to provide you with multiple references and make sure that you actually call to verify them. We will provide you with not only a list of references but also some examples of on-site projects. We are also more than happy to meet you at the site of a previous project and discuss the examples.
  • Trained and experienced crew. Experience matters. Make sure not just the Forman has experience but all of the team. This is your project so do not be afraid to ask questions about the length of their tenure.

Before You Sign A Contract Be Sure To:

  • Compare pricing is important. You do want to go with the cheapest guy in town but going the most expensive guy is not the answer either. You want to make sure that their price is comparable to the other quotes that you have received. Our 40 years of experience has helped us to know what a project is going to cost and gives us an edge in providing us the ability to operate within our budget-friendly pricing as well as accurate timelines.
  • Get accurate time frames. If one company quote has a turnaround time that is significantly less than the other quotes that you have received, then they are likely forgoing quality in some areas. Don’t forget to take in to account the upcoming seasons for an accurate time frame.
  • Read all the fine print. The contract is also extremely important. You want to make sure that the contract has a high attention to detail. It should have all of the company’s information on it. It should leave no questions about pricing, timelines, or materials to be used. If you find the contract to be confusing, misleading or in any way vague that may be a sign to not sign that just yet. Either request clarification or possibly find a new commercial renovation contractor for your job.
  • Establish a clear channel of communication. One of the most important factors in any company is communication. If you are having a difficult time getting a quote or references in the beginning, then that should be a red flag right away to move on to another company. We guarantee your satisfaction and we promise to keep everyone involved in every step of the process.

Now that you know what to look for in your new Scottsdale Commercial Renovation company you can start getting quotes and looking at references. You can get started today by looking at our gallery HERE or requesting a quote HERE.

Why Superstition Contracting for your Scottsdale Commercial Renovation?

Whether you are renovating a quaint coffee shop, retail store, warehouse, strip mall, multi-level office complex, sports stadium or anything in between Superstition Contracting is the company to fulfill all of you Scottsdale Commercial Renovation needs.

Our specialty is giving your business a fresh new life. We love to help make updates to fit in with the new design looks of the times or changing your look and feel to fit a new client trend. Helping our clients to take their current business and make updates to increase the value of their property or to attract new clients is what we thrive on in our Scottsdale Commercial Renovation projects.  Let us help you to give your products or clients and new fresh look and feel.

Contact Superstition Contracting Today

Call us today and let us talk to you about your ideas for a new look at your existing space. We can help to make your vision come to life. Let us give your current commercial space a makeover and bring new life to your growing business. Contact us HERE and invest in your business’ future growth.

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