6 Reasons To Hire a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on the hospitality industry. Restaurants have adapted to restrictions and mandates as they change. As tough as things are right now, there are several ways you can take advantage of low business so you can bounce back from the pandemic stronger. Hiring a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company now might seem like an odd choice, but we’ve made a list of 6 reasons why you should consider a restaurant remodel now.

6 Reasons Why Hiring A Scottsdale Restaurant Remolding Company Now Is A Good Idea:

1. Mortgage and Interest rates are low right now

Be sure to do the math to make sure hiring a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company Is Right for youAlthough it seems like a long time ago, in an effort to promote Americans to buy homes, the fed lowered mortgage, and interest rates. Banks are following suit. Many property owners are refinancing right now to take advantage of these better rates. The National Association of Realtors reported a record highs sale of existing homes in June.

Although hiring a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company now seems like a crazy idea, talk to your bank first. They might be able to help you with refinancing, loans, and other ways to cover the cost of a remodel with an affordable interest rate.

2. A New Look Can Attract More Customers

When restaurants take on new chefs, managers, or renovations, it’s a selling point. People who have been there before will want to see what’s changed. People who haven’t been to your establishment before will want to support a new space. Stand out from the crowd with a new post-pandemic look. Everyone will be flocking to restaurants to socialize once they can leave their houses. Create some buzz going by announcing new renovations and menu items so customers will be intrigued.

3. Expand Your Indoor and Outdoor Space

Improve your outdoor dining space with a restaurant remodelWhen the pandemic started, many restaurants moved their seating outdoors. This allowed them to still take in customers without fear. Many customers enjoy an outdoor dining experience, and this pandemic has forced many restaurants that didn’t have outdoor dining to create a space. If you’ve found you have the space for outdoor dining, but want to build on it, hiring a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company is a great idea. Your customers will love your new outdoor space even when the pandemic is over.

Unfortunately, not every business has done well in the pandemic, and many have had to close. If you find that your neighbors around you have closed up shop, leaving their spaces empty, talk to your landlord to see if expanding into their space is possible. Landlords right now are also in a pinch. They might agree to let you expand into the space next door for a bargain if it means keeping business flowing in their building.

4. Add A Designated Take-Out Space

When people order take-out from a restaurant, they would like as little contact as possible. Many people that opt for take-out are those suspectable to COVID and would prefer not to go inside your restaurant. Many establishments are looking to build a designated take-out entrance, window, or awning to keep their customers and employees safe.

If you find that your business is mostly take-out order now, adding a new designated take-out space could interest customers. They’ll appreciate your consideration and will want to support a business that wants to meet their needs. A take-out space built by a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company will help keep dine-in patrons separate from take-out orders keeping your capacity low.

5. General Repairs

Superstition Contracting: A Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling CompanyWhen a restaurant is filled with customers regularly, things move pretty fast. You barely have time to keep up with business let alone general maintenance and repairs. Now that things have slowed down, you have more time on your hands to make the improvements that you’ve been putting off.

No job is too small for Superstition Contracting. Our team of contractors and subcontractors has over 40 years of experience helping build and repair businesses all over the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. So if you need some electrical wiring fixed, or a new paint job now is a great time to get these tasks knocked off your to-do list.

6. Fewer Customers means Fewer Interruptions

Although you may hate how empty your restaurant is, it is a good time to get work done. With fewer customers, having a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company working on your establishment during this time will be less intrusive to customers. Especially if your restaurant is closed right now, having a contractor inside will not disrupt business like it might any other time. Your customers will appreciate your new look without having to live through the construction process.

Superstition Contracting is a trusted Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company

Many people, businesses, and landlords are experiencing hard financial times. We at Superstition Contracting recommend talking to your banks, lenders, and utility companies to see how they can offer you some reprieve. But if your business is doing well even with less, calling a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company to improve your space, is a great idea. Improving to adapt to customer’s needs, or just improving for the future, Superstition Contracting is a name you can trust. Check out our gallery of previous projects, and then call us to schedule an estimate.