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A kitchen is much more than another room — it is the heart and soul of the home, where friends and family gather and nourish each other. Therefore, there are many important decisions and mental preparations to make when the time comes for kitchen remodeling in Phoenix.

Superstition Contracting approach to the kitchen renovation process is designed to reduce stress, ensure that the whole process is positive, and guarantee that your dream kitchen is fully realized.

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Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ - Superstition Contracting1

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Superstition Contracting wants to create a visually stunning kitchen that meets all of your needs and expectations. The company takes great pride and joy in the process and believes in building strong relationships with clients by providing the highest quality of work and professionalism. For more information, review additional services as well as the projects gallery or contact the team today.

The Process

The biggest decision for your kitchen remodel is whether you are going to do a less-involved upgrade, a mid-range remodel, or a high-end redesign. Naturally, your budget is one of the leading considerations, which is why open, professional communication throughout all phases of the process is paramount. The team will work with you to share creative ideas and innovative design strategies to help you visualize the new kitchen.

After the initial discussion, the team will give you a free proposal and itemized estimate of the entire plan and meet with you as often as you’d like before, during, and after construction. Superstition Contracting can deliver at any phase of a project whether it is an entire redesign involving gutting the space, moving walls, or laying new electrical and plumbing systems. The company is renowned for installing custom, high-end furnishings, building custom cabinetry, creating beautiful tile backsplashes. Every aspect of the kitchen experience can be addressed, even more straightforward ventures with new appliances, venting for the range and flooring. The company collaborates closely with their engineers, architects, designers and most importantly, you, throughout all phases.

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