Ways a Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor Can Help Your Business Grow

There are lots of choices to make when starting with a Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor on renovating your businessOwning a business is a stressful commitment as well as a rewarding one. If your business has been doing well lately, you might find you would like to renovate your space so you can fit more customers in your store. Or maybe you have a new line of products, but nowhere to display them. Or maybe you just feel like your space doesn’t fit your brand. There are many reasons why business owners decide to work with a Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor to improve business, and if you’re unsure that a remodel is the right path for you, think again.

Superstition Contracting has an experienced team of project managers to create a win-win experience for all customers and clients. With a focus on great customer service, communication, and cost containment your job will be completed with the least amount of stress possible. Working with an experienced contractor team can help your business in more areas than you realize.

Why Remodel?

At Superstition Contractors, we know that a remodel is a big investment. Not only an investment of money, but of time too. Depending on your project, you may have to close shop for a day, or limit your service area while work is being done. Although this might seem like a hassle for you and your clients, it will pay off in the end.

If you’re considering moving or building a new location rather than remodeling, there are some things to consider before making the move.

1. Remodeling is Cheaper than Building New

Overall, when it comes to new construction vs remodeling, new construction will most likely cost more. New construction requires all the building materials from the ground up, which aren’t necessary for a remodel. The size of your project is the biggest factor when it comes to new construction. Sometimes a larger project is more economical to build than a smaller project. With a remodel your cost-per-square-foot price for labor is often less than a new build.

2. You may lose loyal customers by changing locations

Customers will appreciate a business that undergoes a Scottsdale Commercial RemodelCustomers are a business’ life force. If you have a great customer base at your current location, you can risk losing them by moving. Although you might assume loyal customers will follow you anywhere you go, that’s not always the case. Maybe your new location in a high traffic area gets your name out to more people, but it might be harder to get to.

Even if you move to a new place, you’ll have to pay to move all your equipment and furniture to a new space and that could get costly on top of any remodeling you’ll want to do to personalize your new space. In the end, a lot of little things can add up and cost you more money and risk in the long run.

3. Big Remodels Mean Big Savings

When you start your remodeling plans with an experienced Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor like Superstition Contracting, you’ll get an idea of what you can expect given your preferred budget and timeline. Not only can we help you with the permit and zoning experience, but we can also suggest tools and technology that will help modernize your business. These modern updates like green technology can save you on some of your maintenance costs over time. 

How A Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor Can Help Improve your Business

Now that you can see the pros of remodeling, you’re probably wondering how your business could improve with a remodel. Remodeling is more than a new can of paint and new fixtures. Working with a Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor can help make your business have the edge it needs to succeed.

1. Improve Productivity with A New Floor Plan & Customizable Features

At Superstition Contracting, you can trust our experienced Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractors

Empty retail or office space is like a blank canvas in the eyes of an experienced contractor. The sky is the limit within zoning regulations and Superstition Contracting has the expertise to make revitalize the floor plan in your space to fit your needs better. We can put up walls to create privacy, or takedown walls to end divisions. If your office kitchen or bathrooms are in an inconvenient part of the room, we can move them. Organize the workflow and experience of your office with a new floor plan.

Superstition Contracting is happy to create new floorplans for both commercial retail properties, restaurants, and offices to help get the most out of your space.

2. Solidify Your Branding

When your business was first starting out, you probably had to sacrifice some cool branding elements until business picked up. Starting a business is tough and until you get established, it’s hard to justify spending money on branding. If the business is booming, now is the time to make your mark.

When you meet with a Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor, be sure to mention all the unique details and fixtures you want in your space. They will give you accurate pricing from the start so you can get proper financing. Your newly branded space will impress your current customers as well as grab the attention of new ones.

3. Become More Energy Efficient

Remodeling is not only a chance to improve your business and your image but also can improve the Earth! This remodel is your opportunity to fix all the big and little things that bother you. Throughout the remodeling process talk to your contractor about what green options are available to you during the construction process. Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and HVAC system will not only help your business, but it can also save you big. You’ll soon see a smaller energy bill and a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

For A Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor You Can Trust, Call Superstition Contracting

Superstition Contracting serves the greater Phoenix area. No project is too big or too small for our highly skilled Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor team. If you’re interested in a quote or more information, contact us. Our team of professionals is happy to work with you to make your business dreams come to life.