Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor

If you are considering having a commercial remodeling project done on your Scottsdale business, you are going to need a licensed and dependable contractor to handle your job. Looking for a contractor is a process that can be taken lightly. There are a few key steps that you need to keep in mind when shopping around for the Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor that is right for your job.


  • Make sure that the company is licensed and insured. Always make sure you are working with a licensed professional, this is not an area that you want to make any shortcuts in.
  • Check their references. All companies should be willing to provide you with a credible list of references.
  • Request and look at past examples of their work. On-site examples are very helpful to see as well.
  • Get multiple bids. Never just go with the first company you talk to. Talking to multiple companies can help you get a better idea of what is and isn’t needed to complete your desired project.
  • Make sure that the entire crew is trained and experienced. Having an experienced leader is a definite must, but you also want to ensure that the people doing the work are also experienced.
  • Make sure that they have realistic time frames. If a company gives you a time frame way sooner (or even way longer) than all of the competitors that may be sign that his timeline in unrealistic and can cause you trouble in the long run.
  • Be sure that you convey your communication expectations. Being upfront about your expectations especially about your desired communication preferences makes dealing with any issues that may occur down the road.


These guidelines are great to follow when looking for a contractor of any type, new construction or a remodel. A commercial remodel has a few other areas of added complexity that you need to ensure that the company you choose to complete your Scottsdale commercial remodel can handle.

Your Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor needs to have experience specifically in remodeling a commercial space that may or may not be occupied during the construction process.  Many businesses cannot afford the luxury of closing up shop for the duration of their remodel. This may take extra planning and addition or more steps and phases in order to move offices, people, and workspaces at different and multiple time frames during the renovation process.

Renovations are unique from the beginning since there is already a structure in place and from there every renovation is different. You may be wanting a few minor changes or a compete overhaul to your existing business or maybe even just changing a space to cater to a completely different type of business. 

At Superstition Contracting we are experienced in commercial remodels of all shapes and sizes. We can give your current business the facelift you have been wanting to help modernize an outdated branding. We can help you convert an existing space to become more of the space you need for your new business type. We can eve just do minor adjustments to help give you a new look or fix any issues you’ve been dealing with.

Who We Are

Superstition Contracting has been proudly serving the Phoenix area as the premier contracting company. We have been in business for over 40 years and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. 

Our Promise to You:

  • We are a licensed and insured contracting company.
  • We are more than willing to provide multiple references and onsite examples of our past jobs.
  • Our years or experience have given us the tools to be able to accurately bid a projects time frame and financial requirements.
  • Our entire crew is trained and experienced in handling many different types of remodeling projects.
  • Our commitment is to your satisfaction and we are committed to keeping you in the communication loop throughout the entire process.


We will take your design idea and work with local designers and architects to come up with a plan of the project will look like, what materials will be needed, an appropriate time frame and budget.  Give Superstition Contracting a call today and let us help you with your Scottsdale Commercial Remodeling Contractor needs. Let our 40 years of experience help you make your remodel dreams come true and transform your business into the look and feel you are wanting.  Take a look at our Gallery HERE or fill out our Contact Form HERE and we will get back to and get your project under way.