Scottsdale Commercial Renovation

Scottsdale Commercial Renovation

Scottsdale Commercial Renovation can help develop your business' styleIt takes a lot of guts, determination, and energy to start a new business. Once business starts booming you may start looking for a commercial space or expand the one you have. But finding the ideal storefront, salon, or office doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to find something that fits your needs exactly. That’s where Superstition Contracting comes in. We’re Scottsdale Commercial Renovation experts and we have the tools and the know-how to adapt your newly purchased space to fit your needs.

Superstition Contracting serves the greater Phoenix area. No project is too big or too small for our team of highly skilled general contractors. If you’re interested in a quote or more information, contact us. Our team of professionals is happy to work with you to make your business dreams come to life.

Why Your Business Could Use A Renovation

Always offering something new, like a New Renovation can be just want your business needs to attract new customersPeople love new things. There’s nothing that gets a customer’s attention like a big sign that says “New” in a shop window. Being a new business might get a lot of looky-loo’s at first, but in order to convert them into customers, you need to have a business that’s appealing from the inside out. While your products may be amazing, if the interior of your business doesn’t prompt people to stay, then you won’t make an important sale.

Having an attractive business is all part of your identity. You need customers to want to visit your store. Your storefront is part of your marketing and makes the first impression on customers before any of your sales associates can.

If your business is now an old business, being new just isn’t an attraction anymore. Investing in your storefront with a Scottsdale Commercial Renovation can get your current customers back into your store to see your improved changes, while also attracting new customers.

The Advantages of Scottsdale Commercial Renovation

For new business owners, money is often tight. An owner might value location over the interior. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice one over the other. A newly constructed strip mall might be ideal for the store you’re dreaming of, but if there is not a lot of foot traffic, your business could be over before it got started. Sacrificing a new build for an established one in a better neighborhood could be necessary to make sure you have enough business to stay afloat. Renovate your space right away or wait to gain more customers so you can establish your budget.  

The term “renovation” has a wide scope. It can be a couple of little things that you’ve always wanted to fix up, or it can be big projects like an expansion. You’ll be surprised at how changing a few things here and there can help complete your business’ image. Think about how much painting a room can transform it. Little things like light fixtures, shelving, and seating can change a place.

When hiring a contractor from Superstition Contracting for your Scottsdale Commercial Renovation, you’ll be surprised at all the ideas they can bring to the table to help maximize the space in your storefront. Consider built-in shelving or seating to create a wider walking area. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy with our progress.

The Cost of a Renovation vs a New Build

A common question our contractors are often asked is: “would it be cheaper to renovate or build new?” While most of the time, the answer is renovating is cheaper than a new building, it could depend on the issues you’re having.

Our Superstition Contracting team is happy to help your plan your Scottsdale Commercial RenovationWhen you meet with one of our Superstition Contracting team, describe to them the whole picture. Everything you want to change and why. We can break down how much each repair will cost. While we would love to get everything done as fast as we can so you can get back to business, but we understand if you would rather complete your Scottsdale Commercial Renovation one item at a time based on the success of your business.

New construction requires all the building materials from the ground up, which aren’t necessary for a remodel. The size of your project is the biggest factor when it comes to new construction. Sometimes a larger project is more economical to build than a smaller project. With a remodel your cost-per-square-foot price for labor is often less than a new build.

There are other factors as well. Items such as the quality of materials in your remodel, plumbing or electrical issues that require specialty subcontractors, and the level of detail expectations you have can drive up the price of your remodel fast.

Call Superstition Contracting to Get Started on Your Scottsdale Commercial Renovation

If you’re ready to attract to customers and make your storefront the cornerstone to your marketing strategy, then contact Superstition Contracting for your Scottsdale Commercial Renovation. Since we are general contractors that specialize in new buildings as well as renovations, we are happy to compare quotes with you so you can make the decision that’s best for your business.