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No Project is Too Big or Too Small For Superstition Contracting

Working with Superstition Contractors has never been easier for your Scottsdale General Construction Project

Contractors tend to get a bad rap. People are hesitant to hire contractors sometimes because it seems like everyone has heard at least one horror story about a contractor that did a bad job, or one that never finished a job. When you contact Superstition Contracting, you can stop knocking on wood hoping that your Scottsdale General Construction project will be completed because we guarantee it! With almost 40 years of experience, our experienced project managers will get your project started and finished on time.

At Superstition Contracting, we’re here with you from the beginning when you’re just coming up with ideas until you’re grand opening. Check out our portfolio to see some of the amazing work we’ve completed in the greater Phoenix area. Then contact us to learn how we can build the project of your dreams.

Scottsdale General Construction Projects

When you don’t hire a licensed or insured contractor like Superstition Contracting for your Scottsdale General Construction project, more can go wrong than you think. And when things do go wrong, the person you hired might not have an obligation to fix their poor work. That’s why it’s so important to do research about contractors and ask for references. The reviews from our past work are outstanding, and we strive to keep it that way.

Our contractors will oversee the job from start to finish and promise competent and thorough sub-contractors to make sure all the details you desire are there. We are up for any job and have the tools to tackle any task. Whether it’s a newly constructed office building, or remodeling the kitchen in your home, Superstition is there to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Commercial Projects

Commercial construction or renovation is just part of our Scottsdale General Construction portfolioOne thing that makes Superstition Contractors unique is that when we say we’ll take on any Scottsdale General Construction project, we mean it. We’ve created large commercial buildings from the ground up. Schools, malls, offices, restaurants, and warehouses have all been designed to our client’s specifications. Our commercial building projects are as unique as your business

We understand that your building can represent your brand. If your storefront or office is in a great location but lacks the pizzazz you want to incorporate into your branding, give Superstition Contracting a call. We can create a whole new layout for your office space with a commercial remodel.

At Superstition Contracting, we have a strong team of experienced project managers with a focus on excellent customer service. We will communicate with you every step along the way. We are also upfront about our cost containment and will work with you to create a reasonable budget for your project.

Residential Projects

Residential remodels are part of our Scottsdale General Construction Portfolio Once you own your first home, you’ll start making a list of all the features and improvements you want to make to either to your current home or in your new home. If you have a long list of desired features, then it might harder to find your ideal dream home. Building your own home from the ground up ensures that you get all the amenities you want. Superstition Contracting can not only build commercial properties but residential ones as well. Imagine a new home with the exact layout that you’ve always dreamed about.

That’s not all. Additions, porches, and new walls and fencing can be added to your home in a snap as well. We take on many residential Scottsdale General Construction projects throughout the year as well. No project is too big or too small for Superstition Contracting.

Even if you decide to stay in your current home, there’s always room to improve. Superstition Contracting is also available for residential renovations. If you’re ready to make the kitchen of your dreams, remodeling your shower, or building a new fence around your property, give us a call. Our high attention to detail will ensure your project is completed right the first time.

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Ready to get started on your new construction project, but aren’t sure where to start? Schedule an estimate with us to get an idea of what your new project might cost. If you’re worried that your Scottsdale General Construction project isn’t in our realm of normal work, you might be surprised at what projects we’ve signed on to. From new roofs to new buildings, no task is too big or too small for Superstition Contracting.

Our customer service and experienced contractors will communicate and work with you from the get-go so you can stress less and enjoy the benefits of your new project quickly. Contact us today.