Scottsdale Office Remodeling Contractor

Scottsdale Office Remodeling Contractor

Companies may require a Scottsdale Office Remodeling Contractor for many different reasons. The project can be very minor renovations or very large complete remodeling projects. Your company may want to make a few aesthetic changes like paint or hardware, or perhaps some regulatory changes have forced you to make a few changes to keep things up to code. Some larger jobs maybe you are moving into a new building and need to change the space to fit your office’s needs, no matter what range your remodeling needs fit into we are here to help. Our expertise and experience over the last 40 years have proven Superstition Contracting to be the preferred Scottsdale Office Remodeling Contractor.

If you are renting the space, you need to be sure and check your lease agreement and see what you are able to and change as far as a remodel is concerned.

One of the most difficult tasks in an office remodel is remodeling in a working office. Not all companies are able to close down for the entirety of the renovations or be able to maintain two properties during the renovations if they are moving spaces. Make sure that the contractor that you choose to go with is experienced in this type of remodel. There are extra safety measures and insurances that must be put in place in order to ensure the safety of your staff and the remodeling crew. If possible, your renovation crew may prefer to work after business hours, or other arrangements in order to keep your business from being disrupted by the noise, dust, and other annoyances from the renovation process.

Key Things To Remember When Choosing a Scottsdale Office Remodeling Contractor:

Communication is Key in Any Contractor Relationship.

From the very beginning, you should have a feeling of comfort when talking to your remodeling contractor. Being clear on your wants and needs as well as your expectations for communication are important. If you prefer email as opposed to calls or texts, make that known upfront, and vice versa, if you prefer calls to emails be sure you make that clear. If in your initial meeting with the contractor, you do not feel they are really listening and responsive then I would continue on looking for another contractor.

Time Frames and Pricing.

When you begin your quote, process look over the quoted carefully. If a contractor gives you a quote with an unrealistically fast or even an overly extended time frame, they may not be experienced enough to understand how long your particular job may take. This will cause headaches for you in the future of the project, so this would also be a red flag to keep looking in my opinion.

Licensing and Insurance.

Making sure that the Scottsdale Office Remodeling Contractor that you choose is a licensed and fully insured business is very important. Going with an unlicensed contractor may save you a few dollars upfront but will definitely cost you in the long run.

References Matter.

Make sure that you request multiple references and ask them to see examples of their work. On-site examples are a great way to see how the company finishes a job and what repour they have with their clients after the job is completed. If they are unable to come up with a decent list of references or cannot show you any onsite examples this may be another red flag and a sign that you should continue shopping.

Why Choose Superstition Contracting?

No matter what type of office remodeling job you are looking for at Superstition Contracting we have you covered. We are locally owned and operated. We have over 40 years of experience and customer satisfaction is our main goal. We pride ourselves on quoting the job correctly at the beginning of the project on both the timeline and price.  We work hard to make sure that we complete the job within the parameters of our quote. We are more than willing to give multiple references and onsite examples of our past work. We want to be your Scottsdale Office Remolding Contractor and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business. Your business is our priority, don’t leave your office remodel to just anyone, give us a call today or fill out our contact form and will get back with you shortly.