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The last few months have been extremely rough on the restaurant industry with required closings of certain types of places and not allowing customers inside at all due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many restaurant owners have tried to make the best of it by taking this time off to deep clean, reorganize, reevaluate, revise the menu and even remodel inside the restaurant or even the entire building. Maybe this is a great time for you to find a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company.  If you are looking for anything from moving into a new space, an entire re-brand, a face-lift, or just a few small changes or repairs we are here to help.

If you are restaurant owner in Scottsdale, then you know how competitive of a market it is there. Everyone is looking for the next new great place.

When looking for a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure that choose a Contracting company that is licensed and insured.
  • Request references. A good reputation and references speak volumes.
  • Be up front and clear about your expectations.
  • Pricing. The lowest price isn’t always a good deal, nor does a highest price mean best team.
  • Check the contract over thoroughly and be clear on what you are agreeing to.

Where Do I Start With a Scottsdale Restaurant Remodel?

First of all, think about your location. Has the crowd changed since you have been in business? Maybe your area was home to an older crowd initially but is now the place where a younger crowd tends to gravitate towards. This may be a new time to add a bar to your restaurant or change the feel of your current bar area. When thinking about your changes don’t forget about the loyal regulars. They come back regularly for a reason, find out what they think is working right and take into account their opinions, even if you don’t keep their ideas you are more likely to keep them as a regular if they know you at least care.

Try and look at what needs to be changed or fixed for functionality purposes. Maybe you need to find a way to add or maximize seating. Perhaps you need to update your restroom and other areas to accommodate disability guidelines. Is your kitchen too small or maybe it is set up in a manner that is not maximizing space efficiency or just needs more storage? Is your waiting area comfortable and large enough to hold your average amount of waiting for customers?

Easy Ways To Improve Your Restaurant 

One of the best remodel ideas here in the Phoenix area and especially in any Scottsdale restaurant is adding outdoor seating if you do not already have it. If you do already have a patio area, then making some updates here or adding more seating to this area is always a great idea. The weather as you know is amazing in Arizona for 9 months out of the year and if you have shade and misters most people would still prefer eating outside in the hotter months.

There are several updates that you can make that aren’t too costly. Paint always does wonders in changing the look and feel to any space. Updating your lighting fixtures and hardware is a great way to make changes that are not costly. Adding new lighting outside and even updating the landscaping makes a huge difference as well.

These are all very important points to touch on when planning for your remodel and the more information you already know and have prepared the easy it will be to find the right Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company for your project. Check out our gallery to see some of our restaurant renovation projects. 

Why You Should Choose Superstition Contracting For Your Remodel

At Superstition Contracting we have completed numerous restaurant remodeling jobs in Scottsdale and the entire Phoenix Valley. We are honest and fair, and we take pride in our ability to get projects completed on time and on budget. Our 20 years of experience have taught us how to do the job right. We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open throughout the entire project. Your success leads to our success so give us a call today or fill out our contact form and let us be your Scottsdale Restaurant Remodeling Company.